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Below are a selection of our sandwich, baguette and ciabatta fillings. Normally we will provide a selection of these fillings with approximately 1/3 vegetarian selections. These will be labelled on separate platters. Our baguettes and ciabattas will have some of these standard sandwich fillings plus a selection of the more exotic fillings seen below. If you would like any specific fillings, please let us know.



Egg Mayo & Cress
Cheese and Tomato
Cheese and Pickle
Goat Cheese & Tomato Chili Jam
Goat Cheese, Grape, Walnut and Honey
Brie and Cranberry Sauce
Brie and Mango Chutney
Cream Cheese, Tomato and Black Pepper
Houmous Salad
Houmous and Roasted Pepper
Egg Salad
Cheese & Beetroot
Stilton and Caramelised Onion Chutney


Tuna Mayo
Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn
Tuna Mayo & Pepper
Tuna Mayo & Roasted Pepper
Tuna Mayo Salad
Tuna Mayo & Cucumber
Tuna Mayo, Two Cheeses & Jalapeno Pepper
Prawn Mayo
Prawn Cocktail
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Mackerel & horseradish


Chicken Mayo
Chicken Mayo & Sweetcorn
Chicken Mayo & Bacon
Chicken Mayo Salad
Chicken Mayo & Mango Chutney
Chicken Breast Salad (no mayo)
Piri Piri Chicken
Thai Green Curry Chicken
Thai Red Curry Chicken
Coronation Chicken


Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Bacon, Egg & Ketchup
Bacon and Two Cheeses


Sausage & Pickle
Sausage & Reggae Reggae Sauce
Sausage & Grainy Mustard
Chorizo, Cheese and Rocket


Ham Salad
Ham Salad with Grainy Mustard
Ham Salad with English Mustard
Ham and Cream Cheese
Ham, Cheese and Tomato

Turkey (seasonal)

Turkey Salad
Turkey and Cranberry Sauce


Beef Salad
Beef Salad with Mustard
Beef with Horseradish Sauce
Corned Beef & Pickle


Brie and Grape
Mozzarella, Basil & Tomato
Tuna Mayo Pepper
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Shredded Chili Beef
Spicy Chili Tuna
Chili Chicken
Tuna & Roasted Pepper
Goat Cheese & Tomato Chili Jam
Ham, Cheese & Tomato
Brie & Sun Dried Tomato
Falafel, Homous & Salad
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Goat Cheese, Tomato & Cracked Black Pepper
Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Chicken
Slow Roasted Pork & Applesauce


Tuna Mayo Salad
Tuna Mayo & Olives
Tuna Mayo & Jalapeno Pepper
Tuna Mayo & Two Cheeses
Tuna Mayo, Two Cheeses & Jalapeno Pepper
Chicken Mayo Salad
Chicken Mayo and Bacon Salad
Bacon & Two Cheeses
Houmous, Pepper and Feta on Tomato Ciabatta
BLT on Tomato Ciabatta
Bacon & Sausage on Cheese Bap (Brown or Red Sauce)
Bacon & Cheese on Cheese Bap
Mozzarella, Basil & Tomato